Privacy Policy Last update 1 year ago

We kindly request that interested parties peruse this privacy policy (herein referred to as the “Policy”) with utmost diligence, so as to gain comprehensive insight into how their personal information is utilized by Done4us - DigitalBusiness Co Ltd., headquartered in Al Owais Building, Dubai, UAE (herein referred to as “Done4us” or “we”). Upon accessing or utilizing, the Done4us mobile application, or any other pertinent sites, applications, services and commodities, or any other Done4us-operated website linked to this policy (collectively identified as the "Site"), it is understood that you, as the user, have read and comprehended the terms specified in this Policy. The present policy is subject to modification intermittently. We shall duly post any variations to this policy on this website and observe any other necessary procedures, as prescribed by pertinent legislation, by instituting communication to apprise you of any significant adjustments. The instant Policy undergoes effective modifications pertaining to the date mentioned in the delineated "Last Updated" datum. It is recommended that individuals periodically examine the Policy for any revisions or modifications.

The information procured by our organization is largely obtained through direct interactions with yourself. Specifically, this includes instances in which you register for services via the Site, utilize the platform, complete forms, or apply for any of our incorporated programs. Additionally, we gather data pertaining to your correspondences with Done4us, including but not limited to your contributions on our blogging platform and discussion forums, together with your interactions with other Done4us users. Furthermore, during your utilization of the Site, through accessing, browsing, viewing or other forms of interaction, we obtain data automatically. Additionally, we gather information from external entities or other accessible resources.

The legal foundation for utilizing your personal information is predicated upon a lawful ground for processing as delineated below, provided that it is applicable in accordance with pertinent regulations.

The collected information is utilized for various purposes, which include rendering high-quality services and ensuring security to the users. Additionally, the information is leveraged for operating the Site, gauging user behavior, fulfilling obligations to the users, maintaining the integrity and security of the marketplace, preventing fraudulent activities, establishing communication and forwarding direct marketing communications to the users, promoting and advertising the Site, services, and Done4us marketplace, and complying with legal requisites by public authorities, as well as applicable laws and regulations.

The duration for which personal information is retained is contingent upon the necessity of fulfilling the specific objective for which it was procured. Nevertheless, there are circumstances where the prolongation of personal data retention may be warranted.

This platform is provided and accessible solely to individuals who have attained the age of majority, i.e. 18 years old, and possess the legal capacity to enter into a contractual agreement. Individuals who are minors under 18, possessing a minimum age of 13, may utilize the Site solely under the ownership of an account governed by a parent or legal guardian, provided that the latter has granted explicit consent. Individuals below 13 years of age are prohibited from accessing the Site or utilizing the services offered by Done4us. It is imperative to note that we hold no intention of acquiring personal data of individuals under the age of 13.

The sharing of personal information with third parties is undertaken for the purpose of facilitating the operation of the Site, provision of services to users, compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, and prevention of fraudulent, infringing or unlawful activities.

Storage of Personal Information – Certain personal information furnished by users to us shall be stored or processed by entities other than ourselves, including third-party vendors and data processors. The aforesaid data storage and processing may take place in jurisdictions beyond the territorial boundaries of the user, such as the United States and the United Arab Emirates.

The utilization of cookies and comparable technologies (e.g. web beacons, pixels, tags, and scripts) is employed to enhance and customize user experience, offer services, evaluate website performance, and facilitate marketing pursuits.

The present site does not acknowledge or respond to Do Not Track (DNT) indications.

The present website incorporates hyperlinks to external sites. In the event that you access a third-party website through the website in question, any personal data that you choose to provide to the aforementioned website and the subsequent use of such data by the third-party will be beyond the purview of Done4us and not governed by the terms and conditions outlined in the present Policy.

The preservation of security in the Site and safeguarding of personal information against unauthorized access, loss, misuse, alteration, destruction, or damage are undertaken through the application of technical and organizational measures. This is achieved by employing industry-approved technologies and internal protocols.

In the event that we engage in personal data processing activities pertaining to individuals hailing from the European Union, the European Economic Area or the United Kingdom, our processing methods shall be subject to additional terms and conditions. These terms and conditions pertain to the fundamental rights of such individuals as data subjects, and are in compliance with the European Union data protection regulations. Detailed information regarding these terms and conditions is provided below.

California residents are entitled to privacy rights that are specific in nature. These rights have been outlined and detailed below.

Efforts are made by our entity to ascertain the accuracy and currency of the personal data we obtain, and provisions are made to enable you to revise your information via the settings in your account profile. Should you hold a belief that your information contains any form of falsity or inaccuracy, we kindly request that you notify us without delay.

In accordance with applicable data protection regulations, it is within the purview of individuals to exercise their rights with regard to their personal information. To this end, interested parties may initiate a Customer Relations ticket or contact us directly via email at For those utilizing the Done4us Workspace platform, it is recommended to initiate communication with our team via the designated contact us page.

This privacy statement is subject to revision in order to accurately reflect modifications. In the event of alterations, the specified party will receive notification through either electronic correspondence or via an announcement on the Done4us online platform, prior to the change being implemented. It is highly recommended to engage in periodic review of the current web page in order to stay informed about any recent developments concerning our privacy procedures. Done4us retains the prerogative to modify its privacy policy as deemed necessary, without equivocation, and at any given juncture.